CONDUCTED TOURS is a unique, dramatic, symphonic online travel documentary series. Conductor, Simon Capet packs his baton in his backpack and sets out to take us on a magical mystery tour; a journey where the universal language of music opens doors to some very exotic, unexpected and sometimes dangerous places. A refreshingly unique mix of documentary, travelogue and performing arts CONDUCTED TOURS will blend the sights, sounds, tastes and personalities of fascinating destinations like Colombo, Sri Lanka; Accra, Ghana; Hanoi, Vietnam; Tashkent, Uzbekistan and La Paz, Bolivia. “In each episode I prepare a piece of symphonic music with a local orchestra”, explains Simon “a work which I have carefully chosen to act as an emotional means to exploring the lives of our host and the destination”.

The goal of each episode is to present a concert for the local community in a unique and visually stimulating venue, perhaps in a landscape of remarkable natural beauty, or a building of inspiring architecture or a dynamic communal urban space. “Wherever we perform”, Simon enthuses “we’re free from traditional orchestral layouts, the stuffy clothes, the high-brow attitude, and by incorporating technology, dramatic lighting and theatricality with musicians whose own cultures inform our interpretations, we challenge preconceived ideas of how classical music looks, sounds and feels and create charismatic and engaging performances that delight both the ears and eyes.”

But CONDUCTED TOURS primarily isn’t about classical music; it’s about the people who play it and the lives they lead. When not rehearsing, Simon has adventures with members of the orchestra, intimately experiencing their lives, struggles, hopes and dreams. Musicians take him on personal tours through their cities introducing him to all kinds of music, from traditional folk to experimental heavy metal, while sharing the sights, sounds and food, the unexpected, unique and bizarre. “I want to take our audience on a fascinating, joyful, life-affirming journey meeting people and their stories through music”, says Simon.