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Stephen Fry is a GOD!

Stephen Fry as Malvolio

Well, he has more twitter followers than GOD - nearly 5 million!

Each week Mr. Fry receives more than a thousand requests for him to tweet on behalf of all kinds of great causes. He selects only a couple of these requests to support. I am thrilled, overjoyed, humbled and immensely grateful that today Stephen Fry decided to support conducted tours by tweeting the following:

Plz KICK SIMON http://kck.st/WDKYzN he'll thank you for it! Then join him on an amazing musical adventure #kicksimon

Mr. Fry has built this huge following through years of incredible work as an actor, writer and overall great guy.  For him to take the time - on his one evening off from Twelfth Night performances - to endorse Conducted Tours on Twitter is incredibly generous. Thank you Mr. Fry!

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