euphonia, is a community of musicians making a gorgeous noise together, and a group excited to bring something new and revolutionary into the wider community they live in. These dynamic artists live to play, love music and recognize that a lot of people are not experiencing the heart pounding, moving, transforming music they love. So euphonia has been born out of a desire to bring incredible music to people who may not have experienced it, live or otherwise, before. euphonia's players see this not simply as a job or gig, but as a shared experience, a place to express themselves and an act of connection between music, musicians and audience.

There is a demand for new live music events, and for orchestras willing to revolutionize the concert experience the potential is reaching a huge group of new audience members. These are individuals who discover that they love the music once it has been presented to them with joy, fun and in an atmosphere they can relate to. euphonia's once a month gig at Lula Lounge, a highly popular nightclub in Toronto, has proven that audiences respond incredibly to this concept. euphonias' audiences, reviewers and even the staff at Lula Lounge have been over the moon about having the orchestra perform in this modern and dynamic venue. The concerts sparkle at Lula and everyone there is relaxed and open to really hearing what the musicians are creating, and to meet and get to the know the musicians afterward!

euphonia concerts are adventurous and exciting, challenging and varied. We make symphonic music more accessible and exciting not by dumbing it down but by being more daring in our programming. Our audiences show great discrimination in what they want to hear and they have incredibly eclectic playlists on their mp3 players, Indie, Punk, Glam, Goth, House, Acid, NewWave are mixed in with movie soundtracks and classical music. The euphonia brand makes symphonic music more appealing, not with gimmicks and clichés but through personality, passion, creativity and technology. Eventually a euphonia expanded concert will use HD projectors to provide close up images of the performers, or to create atmospheric backdrops. Between works there are linking videos; interviews with performers, mini-documentaries on composers, performances of poems or presentations of works of art that speak to the music that follows. The images are not divorced from the musicians, projected on unimaginative flat screens high at the back of stage. No, euphonia multimedia visually enhances the connection between the audience, performers and the music.

All euphonia musicians are involved in social networking, Facebook, blogging, Twittering etc. The internet provides an ever expanding opportunity for actively connecting with our audience. All members of euphonia use some form of social network and some will even be blogging about their experiences with the orchestra.

euphonia has also created Classical Social, a weekly jam session for musicians in a downtown pub; a place to come and play together, meet, talk and have a beer. Classical Social has become extremely popular and is drawing amazing musicians from all over Canada and even other countries. Sight reading, having fun and relaxing while playing is a truly freeing experience for the musicians. And euphonia is expanding this idea of taking the music to where the people are by performing in malls, at sports games, in the communal spaces of offices, subway stations, in parks or on the streets. In just this one act of music making, how many people's day could be changed!

It is time to create something new, something exciting, something relevant in the world of the classical symphony orchestra; euphonia!