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Yesterday turned out to be very emotional. I am in Vancouver visiting my buddy, the insanely talented cinematographer and digital film making genius, James Tocher. James and I became friends back when we made the film Evirati together. At the same time we were shooting the film James was starting his digital media to film transfer company, Digital Film Group, in cramped and rather utilitarian digs on the east side of Vancovuer. DFG was started with the goal of providing the independent filmmaker with an affordable way of transferring their digital movies to 35mm for theatrical release. To this day the movies you see in the theatres are using film prints for projection.

James, and his team have worked incredibly hard for almost a decade now, refining their services, developing new software and consistently pulling the technical rug from under the feet of the "big" guys. Well, yesterday I got the tour of James' new facilities (new to me anyway). Digital Film Group is now Digital Film Central and is based on West 7th Avenue, right in the very hub of Vancouver's post-production district. Their offices are spacious and filled with natural light. One side of the building has a wonderful view of the city and the mountains. The decor I would say is very European; clean, minimal, current.

It was so fantastic to walk through these facilities and see all the things that James had talked about, dreamed of, planned and worked so hard for in place, a reality and a well earned success. Way to go, James. I know how much toil, sweat and tears it has taken to get to this point but what a lesson in the importance of sticking to your dreams.

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