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Who gets to play?

I received a question about how it will be decided who plays at a Classical Social. Here's the scoop.

I'm presently asking for volunteers so that we can program the January 20th "Playlist" - each Social will have a prearranged playlist.

For those musicians who drop by a Social we'll have a "Free for All" period each week.

And, at each Social we'll plan the playlist for forthcoming Socials. We'll ask those present to place their names into the 'sorting hat' so that we can create "Pick and Mix" ensembles for the following week/s.

I'm sure that the process will need some refinement but I think that these ideas will get us going and involve lots of players and keep variety and fun the flavour of each gathering.

If you haven't already, please LIKE the Classical Social page at www.facebook.com/classicalsocial

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